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For most companies, directing focus toward producing more energy efficient solutions has never mattered more. Besides maintaining environmental accountability, it just makes sense for the bottom line. By reducing the number of batteries you change for a two-shift application, you’re saving money. Not only do you save money on battery expenses, but also through labor.


Driving the Future of Energy

Paving the road ahead with energy efficient solutions is Jungheinrich, a distinguished manufacturing company focused on reducing energy usage. The versatility of Jungheinrich’s equipment when it comes to lift heights, travel distances, and shift lengths are just a few of the reasons Atlantic Lift Truck is proud to offer their smart energy solutions.


Pioneering Accountability

 Originally focused on manufacturing industrial trucks, Jungheinrich has since evolved to pioneering logistics services over the last fifteen years. With a fleet of over 600 trucks to choose from, they provide the perfect lift for any task. Despite this impressive line-up, it is Jungheinrich’s commitment to developing efficient energy solutions that sets them apart – and saves you money.

The original developer of AC technology, Jungheinrich is the first fork lift truck manufacturer with its own product life-cycle assessment. A major reason for Jungheinrich’s 30 percent surge in truck efficiency within the last ten years is the firm’s groundbreaking engineering.

Because increasing efficiency each year is on the top of its to-do list, Jungheinrich takes pride in approaching resources with care and intelligence.

With a rate of almost 100 percent in product recycling, Atlantic Lift Truck is very pleased to feature Jungheinrch equipment. They’re the first materials handling equipment manufacturer to have been honored with the “Product Lifecycle Assessment” environmental seal of approval.

Here are a few key insights Jungheinrich shares regarding contemporary technology, and the part lithium technology will play in our future:

  • Individual applications require individual technology.
  • Fuel cell technology is still a distance away because pervasive infrastructure is needed for hydrogen supply
  • Hybrid technology prices for large trucks cannot be financially justified as of now
  • Lithium-ion batteries will see a huge price drop thanks to mass production. We will see them first in trucks working in three-shift operation.
  • Future trucks will be designed to be compatible with lead AND lithium-ion batteries.
  • New truck dimensions and ergonomics will be designed to fit with the low-space requirement of lithium-ion batteries.
  • Lithium-ion batteries will have a major role in reducing CO2.

 Innovative expertise like this is what drives our world. Jungheinrich is the kind of manufacturer that pushes progressive engineering forward in our industry. They are a partner we’re proud to have.

By offering batteries with optimum life that enable longevity, productivity, and an ergonomic hydrostatic drive, Jungheinrich earns its spot every year as one the foremost manufacturers on the market. It isn’t a question whether or not it’s the right move to let the lifts do the hard work while you spend less money and time replacing batteries. The only question is, when will you start working less and watching your profits climb with one of Jungheinrich’s forklift trucks, turret trucks, walkie stackers, or reach trucks?

When it’s time to take the next step, visit us at and we’ll work with you to improve your fleet’s efficiency!

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