Jungheinrich’s Innovative 3-Phase AC Technology Reduces Warehouse Operating Costs

Everyone operating a warehouse is interested in reducing costs. One area, in which you could save money each year, is in the purchasing of lift truck batteries. Most batteries last for five years and up to 2,000 charges, but imagine the cost saving advantages if the usable life and charge cycles on batteries were increased. Improved equipment quality and lower costs come from fearless, persistent and innovative companies. Atlantic Lift Truck recognizes these qualities in Jungheinrich, which is why we’re proud to offer their equipment to our valued customers.

Jungheinrich has been a world leader in lift truck warehouse technology for over 60 years and has been using AC drive technology since the late 1980s. AC drive draws power more efficiently and allows the battery to regenerate, extending run time per charge. Because it has utilized AC-powered equipment for so much longer than its competitors, Jungheinrich is now on its fifth generation of this technology while its closest competitors, who only adopted this technology in the last decade, are on their first. Jungheinrich has been able to reduce wear on the battery and lift components by shutting down controls, pumps, and motors not in use. Since competitor trucks have their motors, controls, and pumps active at all times, there is excess wear on those components and a constant drain on the battery.

While it’s easy to produce a “me too” product, Jungheinrich is fearless in its pursuit of market-shaping innovations. This is leadership. Leaders are out there breaking the mold, pushing to make the changes needed to improve stagnant processes or products, while everyone else is conforming to try to create stability. But that stability is really just stagnation, which can cost the company long-term – especially when someone comes along with competitive innovations.

Jungheinrich chooses to innovate. Because their products are designed to reduce wear on the battery and on lift components, batteries do not drain as quickly. If you don’t need a second battery to make it through multiple shifts, there’s less downtime, less labor needed to change out batteries, lower battery costs, and lower overall warehouse costs. In fact, on certain models and applications, Jungheinrich guarantees in writing that the machine will run two shifts on a single battery charge.

Let’s face it: older technology simply costs more to use. New machines with higher efficiencies improve production and lower costs. You benefit from the extensive research and development Jungheinrich has done over the past 15 years, creating more efficient batteries and equipment that run cooler and longer, with less wear and tear.

Atlantic Lift Truck moves America’s commerce, one customer at a time. We achieve this by investing our capabilities to practice outstanding stewardship: we will respect, care for, and manage all of our resources, knowing that organizational effectiveness and success is important to our shareholders and our stakeholders. That is why we are proud to offer our customers Jungheinrich equipment. To learn more about what Atlantic Lift Truck can do for your operation, visit us today at AtlanticLift.com!

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