The Customer-Focused History of Atlantic Lift Truck, Inc.

The past does not always predict the future. Business cannot continue as usual in a changing business environment. Atlantic Lift Truck, Inc. has faced many economic changes in its long history and stood apart from its national competitors by continuously tailoring its products and services to meet the evolving needs of their customers. This positive and determined approach has allowed Atlantic Lift Truck to develop into a strong and valuable brand.

Atlantic Lift deeply understands that each customer requires a specific set of solutions based on both industry standards as well as their own operational goals. As such, Atlantic Lift Truck’s inventories have grown to include forklifts of all sizes and capacities and aerial lift equipment. Its increased product line also includes material handling equipment, racking, industrial batteries and chargers, energy efficient industrial lighting, dock levelers and many more warehouse products. The growth of the product line was completely driven by changes in the business mix – a strategic move to meet customers’ needs for a total solutions provider.

To better meet the demands of this changing business climate, Atlantic Lift Truck embarked on a series of savvy acquisitions, including Warehouse Concepts. The goal of this particular acquisition was to provide a warehouse solution approach and capture a different market segment. Next, the Washington Boulevard Training Center opened in August of 2016. This center enables Atlantic Lift to focus on further development of its Operator Safety Training offerings and advanced operator proficiency training designed to create safe and proficient lift truck operators. Most recently, in September of 2016, ALT Wholesale Division was acquired to meet the demand for wholesale equipment. These acquisitions have allowed Atlantic Lift to strategically expand the depth and breadth of its business.

Today, Atlantic Lift Truck offers the best line of forklifts on the market, including Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Jungheinrich and Kalmar, along with highly vetted and qualified technicians. Atlantic Lift Truck is also committed to promoting the highest environmental standards in the material handling industry and utilizes world class environmental practices. Atlantic Lift strives to be the best partner for companies that recognize true value and a commitment to excellence.

Despite the shrinking of regional manufacturing and the presence of out of state competitors, Atlantic Lift remains strong. High quality customer service and a “value matters” attitude have helped Atlantic Lift prosper. By implementing custom designed material handling solutions for their clients with the overall objective of increasing their profitability, productivity, and safety, Atlantic Lift Truck, Inc. is a profoundly valuable partner. Count on Atlantic Lift to provide the products you need –  when you need them – to serve your materials handling or warehousing requirements.

Interested in learning more about how Atlantic Lift Truck, Inc. is unmatched in the material handling world? Visit today to find out more about this “value matters” company, or download our Capabilities Brochure in PDF format here!

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