A “down” truck is not making you money! Proper planned maintenance schedules and effective road service allows your equipment to be functioning properly and profitably and it all goes through service.

Repair and Maintenance

Fix Before Failure

Fix Before Failure is the backbone of Atlantic Lift’s Forklift Maintenance Success Program. It allows those companies that embrace it the opportunity to realize 40%-100% less downtime and emergency repair costs. The program is founded on proven research and data from a national and dealership basis, and turns most commonly practiced service plans on their heads. It is the smartest, most respectful and frustration FREE methodology for true measured success when it comes to management of forklift fleet costs. A fleet of 1 to 100 can all benefit from this innovative approach that is exclusive to Atlantic Lift Truck, Inc.

We use what we term the “F3” approach that allows you, the customer, and the product support team of Atlantic Lift to create a winning strategy that rewards you with less downtime and less expensive emergency repairs.

As relates to all departments of Atlantic Lift Truck, we pride ourselves on our friendly, courteous communication and this philosophy is exceptional when it comes to our product support efforts. All Service agreements and parts considerations are discussed directly with you through our Product Support Sales team. Our Product Support Sales team works with you to make a program specific to your operation. It is not one size fits all with Atlantic.

Planned Maintenance (PM) Program

Lift Truck Maintenance

To ensure your lift truck will perform right, every time you need it, Atlantic Lift provides a customized plan for on-site, scheduled maintenance services, to include fluid level and lubricant checks as well as regular equipment inspections, at a predetermined cost. Your operation will be evaluated, including the number of hours your lift trucks run, the type of environments they are running in and more, in order to develop a maintenance schedule designed to meet your specific needs.

Atlantic Lift’s PM PLus+ Maintenance Program

Lift Truck Maintenance

Our exclusive PM Plus+ Program combines certain costs for Preventative maintenance with a comprehensive extended warranty, into a monthly, budgeted payment that covers most of the costs for properly maintaining a forklift. Oftentimes our PM Plus+ is matched to a specific lease term allowing for controlled costs throughout the term of the lease and planned fleet replacement at end of lease.

Total Maintenance And Repair (TM&R) Program

This program is planned maintenance PLUS all designated repairs for one fixed monthly rate, allowing customers to budget for the operating costs associated with your lift trucks. Additional benefits include more time for business, maximized uptime and unparalleled service with scheduled maintenance. Atlantic Lift will work with you to customize a TM&R program designed to meet the specific demands of your operation. Whether you’re running your lift trucks in a challenging industrial environment or in a clean warehouse, a program will be designed to keep your lift trucks operating at peak performance.

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