Atlantic Lift’s Fleet management approach allows companies to monitor costs and utilization of their forklift fleet to determine what control methods can be implemented to increase overall profitability.

Fleet Management

Manage your Fleet through the tools that we have both in hardware and in software

What is Fleet Management?

Fleet Management is the process of financing and managing a fleet of equipment. When managed incorrectly, a material handling fleet can cost companies thousands of dollars in lost productivity and reduced profit. An effective Fleet Management strategy is more than cost control and data management, it is an integrated effort to improve operations, lower operating costs and increase profitability.

Tools for Making Fleet Decisions

Atlantic Lift is trained in all aspects of cost control, data management and fleet reporting, which may lead to worry-free ease of ownership. Owning and operating costs per hour and fleet utilization are two key factors that impact fleet decisions. Once these costs are determined, a value-analysis can help you decide which units should be replaced, retained, relocated or retired from your fleet.

Aided by the use of MCFA’s proprietary Lift Truck Solutions Suite we are able to use the powerful Lift Link and Fleet Track tools and applications to gather data and share with the customer and make recommendations in a variety of ways.

Lift Link is an appliance that allows remote monitoring of a lift truck. It communicates accurate and timely data to a hub for the purposes of gaining information on fault codes or operating condition like current hour meter and battery state of charge…etc. Its built in GPS system allows for prompt location detail which can make it easier to access in the event of a failure or safety issue. Lift Link can allow service providers maintenance interval information to form effective specialized PM schedules. Its’ ability to track hour meters and understand real time utilization can help drive smart rotation of lift trucks in and out of areas of high use. This can make for lower overall costs from repairs and better planning for fleet replacement when costs begin to rise at an unacceptable increase.

Fleet Track is the web based application which allows for the best presentation of the data retrieved through Lift Link and forms of raw data like service invoices or service history reports. Fleet Track can provide a comprehensive view of an entire fleet. Some of the reports generated which are part and parcel to proper Fleet Management are: Graphic depictions of units that should be replaced, retired, relocate, or retain based on costs and utilization guidelines.

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