How long should you wait for forklift parts?

Most companies in today’s business world do not have the luxury of spare forklifts in their forklift fleet (and many businesses might only have a ‘fleet’ of one forklift).

This means that uptime of your forklift fleet is as critical as it has ever been!

When a forklift is down, this puts pressure on your materials flow and your efficiency and profitability are affected by this downtime. 

How long a broken forklift is down depends on the following factors:

  • Ease of contacting and communicating with your forklift service provider. 
  • Response time in Technician arrival from time you first made contact. 
  • Ability of technician to properly diagnose the problem. 
  • Having the required equipment and software to diagnose and make the repair. 
  • Availability of part(s) to fix the problem. 
  • Skill level of technician to facilitate the repair in a timely manner.

For today’s blog let’s further discuss parts availability…….. Because without Parts availability nothing else matters!!!!!

The key therefore is how quickly can the needed part(s) be available and that’s where Atlantic Lift Truck outshines EVERYONE!

Okay…….Most (not all) forklift service providers carry an inventory of the fastest moving parts on their service vehicles. Also, some service providers have parts inventoried in a physical location, but even these inventories represent a small fraction of the hundreds of thousands of parts encompassing an entire forklift product line. This means that many times your service provider must order the needed part(s).

Our question to you is how long do you usually have to wait for the parts in order to have a service job completed? 2-3 days? 3-5 days? A week or more? Have you grown accustomed to this wait time? 

All forklift service providers are not the same! Atlantic Lift Truck can exceed your expectations! Simply put, Atlantic Lift Truck has more total parts available at our disposal AND a far superior distribution system in place. In fact, we can access well over 100,000 different forklift parts overnight, AND have them available to our Service Technicians by 7:00am the very next day following your initial service call (assuming we couldn’t fix it on the spot!). In addition, over 90+% of these overnight available parts will not require expensive air freight charges!

Are you prepared to shorten your forklift downtime? We are!!!!!!!

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