Atlantic Lift provides a perfect mix of the best attachments and the manufacturers that represent these quality lines of equipment. We are proud to offer attachments from Cascade, Balzoni, Rightline, and LongReach as the brands that will bring quality and reliability.


long reach fork positionerThe versatility afforded by the use of attachments allows companies’ to be more productive and operate more safely as they are often the best tool for the job.  Atlantic Lift works through proven manufacturers including Cascade, Bolzoni, Rightline and LongReach to bring the greatest line-up of forklift attachments in the business.  Our knowledgeable sales professionals can make recommendations that will allow you to increase productivity and work in a safer environment.

As representatives of the great manufacturers’ Cascade, Bolzoni, Rightline, and Long Reach we can offer but are not limited to:

  • Paper Roll Clamps
  • Bale Clamps
  • Sideshifters
  • Double Sideshifters
  • Push/Pulls
  • Carton Clamps
  • Fork Positioners
  • Single-Double Pallet Handlers
  • Load Stabilizers
  • Clamps without arms
  • Drum Clamps
  • Fork Clamps
  • Multi-Purpose Clamps
  • Rotators
  • Revolving Clamps
  • Turnafork™
  • Hydraulic Supply
  • Mast

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