Too often overlooked, parts availability is a key component to keeping your forklifts up and running, reducing downtime, and enhancing profitability.


Regardless of how good a service technician is; how quickly he is dispatched to your location; and how quickly he diagnoses the problem…if he doesn’t have (or can’t quickly get) the required part to fix the problem then your forklift is down for longer than you can afford it to be!

Simply put, Atlantic Lift Truck, Inc. has access to more parts, quicker, than any other forklift company or independent service provider in our marketplace…hands down!

How do we make this claim? For the following reasons:

First, the parts for all three of the prominent lines we carry; Cat, Jungheinrich, and Mitsubishi are all distributed through the world renowned Caterpillar parts distribution system. Caterpillar has more parts distribution centers across the U.S. than most of our major competitors combined. This gives us more parts at our disposal with a 98% fill rate from our closest distribution center right up in PA. This is in additional to our 78% fill rate from our own extensive parts inventory at our Baltimore headquarters.

In fact, on all three of the lines above, we offer a factory backed 24 hour parts guarantee!

In addition to OEM parts, we have access to not one, but two aftermarket parts suppliers. Many forklift dealers in our Marketplace have access to parts from the largest worldwide supplier in aftermarket parts. We utilize this source as well. In addition, we have access to parts from our manufacturer’s (MCFA) aftermarket parts division, called Rapid Parts. So we have access to substantially more parts than anyone else in our market.

Additionally, we have quicker and better access to all those parts. How? First, because we can get our parts from the nearby Cat Parts Center in PA if for some reason we don’t have them in our own substantial inventory. Second, we have daily parts delivery to 34 Parts Drop locations throughout our territory. So…if we have a technician doing a job in any part of our territory today and he needs a part, there is a  90%+ chance  that he  will have the needed part the very next morning. And by the way, there won’t be any air freight charge attached to it.

No one comes close to matching out Parts Capabilities!

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