Atlantic Lift Truck’s tire solutions allow our customers the flexibility to have high quality and durable forklift tires in a variety of options delivered and installed at times that are convenient to our customers,


Stack of TiresForklift tires in good condition are critical to the proper functioning of a forklift truck. Forklift tires not only distribute the entire weight of the heavy forklift and the load it is lifting, but they also function as the key, if not only, vibration absorption as it performs its daily operations. Tires that are worn too low can cause expensive mechanical issues to a forklift and lead to safety concerns as well.

Atlantic Lift appreciates the need for good tires and offers you a variety of tire options specific to the tough applications that forklift trucks are often subjected to. We meet these tough demands with the proper tire for the specific application which allows our customers confidence of the longer duration between tire changes and the impact absorption to limit damage to the forklift.

Atlantic Lift offers a wide variety of pneumatic and cushion tires in all sizes, smooth and tread patterns for most applications. Let our seasoned, professional experts evaluate your operation and applications:

  • ALL ATLANTIC LIFT TIRES come with a six-month, unlimited hours warranty
  • Most Wheel and Tire Assemblies Available for ALL Brands
  • Standard compound, non marking tires, heavy duty lugged tires, mining tires. Wire or glass inserted…etc.
  • Solutions that ensure you get the proper set of replacement tires to fit your budget and applications.

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