Atlantic Lift Truck is committing to providing you the proper battery power solutions for the demanding needs of your electric forklift equipment.

Batteries and Chargers

Atlantic Lift is committed to meet ALL your electric lift truck power needs and provide you with top-rated quality products, comprehensive manufacturers’ warranties and superior product support for your battery products and services. We offer these capabilities through our AMPS Power Solutions Division.

Crown Battery- Industrial Battery Solutions

Crown BatteryAtlantic Lift and AMPS proudly represents the Crown Battery. The Crown battery is known for durability and dependable, reliable performance and is manufactured in Freemont, OH. USA. Crown Battery promises and delivers on power and long life.

Crown Battery offers a full line of lead acid batteries, for all makes and models of industrial lift trucks and all other types of battery powered industrial equipment. Crown can custom design your battery per your requirements and specifications. Whatever the application: Standard, Opportunity Charge, Opportunity Fast Charge and H2Go Less Maintenance Solutions make Crown Batteries, The Power Behind Performance.

Industrial Charger Solutions

Power Restoration is crucial and can be accomplished through a properly matched Industrial charger. AMPS is proud to offer the complete line of Powerhouse chargers for the many options needed for proper power restoration given the application.

Some of the models as follow:

EL Model – Durable proven ferroresonent technology with high reliability and low upfront cost.

Eq Model – Hi Frequecy design with the ability to charge in a conventional or opportunity profile

SCR Model – The ultimate user friendly charger capableof charging multiple voltage batteries with no user adjustments

IHF Model – Primary use os for conventional and maintenance free batteries. State of the Art technology with a 99% power factor.

Battery Handling Equipment

We can supply what you need: new or used battery handling equipment. Contact us to supply your facility for battery service stations, handling beams, battery transporters, and battery pullers.

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