Atlantic Lift Truck, Inc. defines itself by its competent and ethical business practices.


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To our Customers,

Our company defines quality as: “Do the Right Thing, The Right Way.” This forms the heart of our mission to move America’s commerce, one customer at a time. We are definitely committed to deliver only the best in quality products and quality service for each of our customers in the material handling market.

Our true business lies in forging profitable relationships. Therefore, “Do the Right Thing, The Right Way” becomes our business model for leading our people to seek and apply the best practices in our industry for how, when and where to respond to problems and opportunities.

We want our customers to value safety. Safe customers lead successful businesses. We want to be the right partners for our customers that create the MOST successful competitive edge in our marketplaces. “Do the Right Thing, The Right Way” also means that QUALITY and SAFETY initiatives must be Integrated to deliver solutions to our customers’ needs with integrity, teamwork, stewardship and excellence.

We enjoy the opportunity to meet with you and work with you. Contact us for the right solution that your company needs today.

Glenn R. Baer
President and CEO


Atlantic Lift Truck exists to move America’s commerce, one customer at a time.

We will achieve this through investing our capabilities to:

  • Deliver quality leading innovative products and highly integrated solutions that provide the best quality return on investment to our customers,
  • Empower a customer-focused and performance-oriented climate of continuous improvement and standards of excellence,
  • Recognize that our people are our greatest asset,
  • Focus on integrity and value to build long-term, trust-based relationships with our customers and our stakeholders,
  • Practice outstanding stewardship: We will respect, care, and manage all of our resources knowing that organizational effectiveness and success is important to our shareholders and our stakeholders.

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    Atlantic Lift Truck, Inc. defines itself by its exceptional and ethical business practices. One of the cornerstones of our commitment is our willingness to be transparent in our business practices throughout the entirety of business with our customers. Honesty truly is the best policy. Read More