Properly maintaining you forklift’s Industrial Battery

Across the U.S. today, almost 70% of new forklifts sold are electric powered! Even though the advent of Lithium Ion batteries (with zero maintenance) is on the horizon, 98% of all batteries in forklifts today are still the lead acid type which have been used since the electric forklift was invented.

Unfortunately, history shows us that the vast majority of electric forklift users do not properly maintain their lead acid batteries. This leads to: Shortened battery life; damage to the forklift; messes on floors;
danger to your employees and facilities; loss of productivity; and increased overall expenses!

Luckily for you, this trend can be reversed and with a few simple habits you can greatly increase the safety and useful life of your industrial batteries. With the average cost of an industrial battery today being in the $4,000 – $8,000 price range, extending your battery’s life can put money on your bottom line!

Here are some tips for proper industrial battery maintenance:
1 – Keep the battery clean, dry, and free of corrosion. You can buy spray neutralizer that will easily help
to accomplish this task.
2 – Maintain the correct water level, which is one quarter to one half inch below the battery cap
opening, and……..
3 – ALWAYS add water only AFTER the charge cycle.
4 – Set up a weekly or bi-weekly watering schedule to ensure proper water levels.
5 – Avoid opportunity charging (charging during break times and lunch breaks) unless you have actual
opportunity type chargers and the proper batteries.
6 – Equalize charge your battery once per week. There is an equalize button right on the front of most
7 – Make sure your charger is the correct voltage, amp hour range, and current output. Also, keep in
Mind that industrial chargers lose about 3% efficiency every year, so if your chargers are getting old in
the tooth they are costing you more in energy than they should. It might be time to replace!
8 – Always wear proper protection when working around batteries. At a minimum you need proper eye
protection and rubber or heavy latex gloves. Face shield and rubber aprons are also recommended.
9 – Beyond simple water level checks, adding water, and battery top neutralizing, we recommend you
contact Atlantic Lift Truck’s AMPS battery division for any questions or assistance with battery or
charger issues.
10 – Our AMPS battery division also offers auxiliary items to help make maintaining your battery easier.
These include:

• A single point watering system which will greatly simplify watering your batteries and is absolutely critical when you have hard to reach batteries in Reach trucks and Order Pickers.
• Watering guns which help you fill cells to the proper level (when not using the single point
watering system).
• Smart Blinky water monitor system which tells you when the battery needs water!

Lastly, we offer comprehensive testing and servicing of your batteries as well as new replacement batteries when the need arises.
Let us know if we can help you keep your forklifts up and running!

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