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Rules and regulations for safety training is seen as one of the less exciting parts of starting a job. However, these training programs aren’t enforced just for the sake of OSHA compliance. Atlantic Lift Truck sees them as a crucial part of a customized training program. While most businesses may not emphasize operator safety training, we see this kind of training as essential.

There are too many near misses in the material handling industry,” explains Ben Karas of Atlantic Lift. “This trend continues due to lack of training and attention to detail. Injuries that can put a company out of business can easily be reduced through operator safety training.”

The customized training offered from Atlantic Lift Truck is one of many ways we improve customers’ operations. Our higher-level training allows Atlantic Lift Truck instructors to work with customers to discover the problems their operators face and help them understand their equipment.

There are many forklift safety hazards, but the most common problems occur while mounting and dismounting, turning and changing direction, and reversing. Among the hazards of mounting and dismounting, the operator hitting their head on overhead cages is the most frequent issue. Slipping while mounting can also be another hazard. While turning and changing direction, it is important the operator watch out for tipping over or colliding with other objects and people. Reversing can prove dangerous due to the possibility of collision with objects and people as well.

Yes, there are dangerous aspects of operating forklifts. But training on proper awareness of the surroundings will lower an operator’s chances of running into problems. When mounting and dismounting, an operator must ensure their hands are dry and their shoes don’t have any grease before entering the vehicle. The operator should remember to never jump out of the forklift when dismounting. The same kind of awareness goes for reversing. An operator should anticipate the rear-end turn of the lift as it will go in the opposite direction of the turn. Turning while the forks are elevated and turning on grades should always be avoided at all costs.

Because everything that could go wrong with these dangerous machines has gone wrong before, it’s not hard to see why such strict regulations are in place. Operatives who lack the knowledge to operate forklifts put themselves and those around them at serious risk. Without proper training, they not only expose themselves and other people to serious injury and death, they also risk the structural integrity of the machinery and stock they are working with. Atlantic Lift believes training operators to be mindful of their surroundings and to understand correct operating practices is an important investment.

Both management and other operators need to bring unsafe practices to everyone’s attention to keep injuries and damage to a minimum,” explains Karas. “Unsafe operation leads to increased cost through additional maintenance and repairs, lost or damaged product, and injuries.”

With our expertise and training, your employees can adopt the most important safety strategies. You can find our 2017 Schedule here.

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