Expert Tips for Cooling System Maintenance

There are dangers associated with operating forklifts – risks all operators acknowledge. Yet, something many may not consider is the threat posed by exposure to severe temperature changes and harsh chemicals. Because these risks present themselves every shift, it’s crucial to understand how regular maintenance can save you money. Corrosion, heat cracking, dry rot, and chemical deterioration are all common symptoms of a failing cooling system that will inevitably lead to overheating and an expensive repair.

Regular inspection of your forklift’s cooling system can play a major role in minimizing unforeseen issues. Coolant chemically deteriorates over time, which will lead to a damaged cooling system. Combined with a low coolant level, non-OEM rubber hoses often soften and collapse, reducing coolant flow further. In turn, overheating is likely to occur. Even mundane nuisances like a loose belt or worn pulley can contribute to overheating through slippage. While there are a host of factors that can be responsible for forklift downtime, we’ve got a few simple maintenance tips to cut down on potential overheating problems.

First, it’s key to understand that allowing a forklift to get too hot will be the start of an avalanche of problems. Always stay mindful of your truck’s heat-level. Remember, heat results in increased engine wear, part failure and lift truck maintenance expenses. Keeping your engine operating at recommended manufacturer temperatures will improve your productivity. If your lift trucks are inspected as part of a regular planned maintenance program with inspections being performed by trained lift truck professionals, it is likely that these elements of your cooling system are being inspected and abnormal wear is being brought to your attention.

In addition, keeping these brief points in mind will help minimize many of your cooling problems.

  • Never replace engine coolant with water; replace it only with coolant
  • Replace hoses before you notice any sign of damage
  • Always keep the pressure cap on
  • Keep your engine properly belted
  • Keep a regular coolant replacement schedule

By ensuring a regularly serviced cooling system for your forklift, chances of overheating are reduced, lifespan is strengthened, and engine performance is maximized. Not only will it reduce maintenance expenses, but also the downtime triggered by repairs. In turn, you will see greater productivity and higher earnings. There’s no reason to not be on a scheduled planned maintenance program when there are so many technical difficulties that could arise if maintenance isn’t properly enforced.

Whether it’s bent and damaged fins that restrict airflow through the radiator core, or a malfunctioning radiator cap that doesn’t maintain the correct pressure, small problems can build up quickly. A simple regular inspection can catch most problems before they arise or intensify into a compounded problem that costs even more money to fix. Just like regular checkups with your doctor and dentist work to maintain a healthy body and teeth, regular checkups with your forklift ensure a healthier engine and cooling system.

By following the maintenance tips above, you can alleviate most repair issues.

When you’re ready to find out more about how you can save time and money when it comes to maintenance, pay us a visit at Our experts will help you out!

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