The Customer is Always #1: Get What You Want at The Price You Want with Atlantic Lift Truck

As anyone familiar with renting lift equipment knows, it’s rare to find all the equipment you want at the price you want. This leaves customers with no better option than settling for inferior machinery, or higher rates, or both. Even worse, the customer is often left with the bill for handling wear and tear on less than idea equipment! How frustrating.

Of course, all of this assumes you’re able to find equipment at all. In most cases, the companies that lack the machinery you need will not point you in the direction of a competitor. Instead, customers are left on their own to search elsewhere, wasting precious time.

Atlantic Lift Truck isn’t happy with this common scenario. Instead, it is changing the way business is done by extending the same appreciation to customers we show our employees. We don’t just say the customer comes first, we put our money where our mouth is.

Atlantic Lift Truck is so committed to the belief our customer is number one, we will obtain requested equipment ourselves from a competitor – if need be – to ensure the customer gets what they want at the price they want. Such measures, fortunately, are rarely necessary because Atlantic Lift Truck’s fleet is so extensive. We carry an impressive range of lift trucks and scissor lifts, all of which promise durability and impressive performance. All material lifting applications are available to own or lease, short or long term. In addition to lifting equipment, Atlantic Lift Truck carries warehouse shelving and storage solutions. We offer the precise lift truck to accommodate your design and environment.

We carry and service the best brands in new and quality pre-owned batteries. We also carry a range of new and lightly used Cascade attachments, accessories and forks to improve your lift trucks’ versatility. Because of the huge impact quality tires have on the wear and tear of your lift trucks, Atlantic Lift Truck offers pneumatic and cushion tires in all treads and sizes.

Our commitment to the customer doesn’t end with the sale. We service all makes and models of industrial batteries and forklifts, offer operator training certification, and work closely with customers to make sure our rates fit your budget.

There aren’t many companies so confident in the quality of their work that they’ll go to a competitor to get you what you need if necessary. Atlantic Lift Truck has the ideal piece of equipment for you, or we will hunt it down. Period. We’re flexible in our financing, working with anyone’s budget to make sure you get what you need at the price you need, when you need it. If you’ve got some heavy lifting to do, let Atlantic Lift Truck do it for you. Visit us today at

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