Atlantic Lift Truck Introduces Kalmar Forklifts

The unsung hero of any operation handling heavy material is the forklift. Particularly for companies supplying the construction industry with lumber, steel, or concrete products. But how do you know which machine will truly meet your needs? You can research individual brands, models, and specifications all day, but that gets overwhelming. Instead, let Atlantic Lift Truck come to the rescue.

With nearly sixty years of experience in the business, Atlantic Lift Truck knows the best brands on the market better than anybody – and that’s why today, we’d like to introduce you to Kalmar forklifts.

A division of Swedish company Cargotec, Kalmar makes heavy-duty forklifts for your biggest jobs, with capacities ranging from 20,000 to 200,000 pounds. That’s not all: Kalmar’s flip-to-side cab and single piece hood makes for quick and easy maintenance.

“Similar access on competitive machines…requires the removal of seven separate heavy panels, as well as the disassembly of parts of the operator compartment,” says Brent Baer, an Atlantic Lift Truck forklift expert. “What takes five minutes to do on a Kalmar takes three hours on a Taylor.” Time is money, as the folks at Kalmar are well aware.

Kalmar’s G-generation forklifts – the DCG90-180, DCG180-330 and for RoRo operations, DCE280-330 – are fuel-efficient, durable, operator-friendly, and built strong enough to handle steel and wood. Kalmar’s machines are the only ones currently sold with zero capacity deration up to 197” even with a fork positioning carriage, allowing smaller machines to handle greater loads. This impressive capacity comes from high quality components: the steer axle and mast use steel that is 120% thicker than that of the competition, and a Kessler D81 drive axle is included in the affordable cost of the forklift, a rare bargain in the industry.

There is also good news for forklift operators. Another of Kalmar’s chief concerns is your comfort, productivity and safety. Kalmar makes the most comfortable and fully adjustable operator compartments on market, to reduce physical and mental fatigue. With a curved glass windshield, low profile panels and cab frame, and a wide view mast, visibility is better than ever, with blind spots virtually eliminated. The DCG90-180 model even offers a Big Wheel option for operators in search of a smoother ride.

This is only a sampling of the innovative features Kalmar offers. Worried about parts and repairs? Baer notes Kalmar has “the resources to support the product very well…with the extensive North American dealer network, all parts for Kalmar Forklifts can be acquired quickly to keep the machines operating.” Kalmar’s products are reliable and cost-effective – just the type of quality we at Atlantic Lift Truck want for our customers. To learn more about the premium, durable solutions we offer the material handling world, visit Atlantic Lift Truck online at or call 1.800.638.4566.

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